Should I retake any of these classes?

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    I just finished my third year of college with a 3.5 gpa overall. My last two years of high school was spent in college (Duel Enrollment at a Community College) and my last semester was at a four year university. Two years ago, at the community college, I got my first D in an English class. This last semester I got a C in Cultural Anthropology and a C in Chemistry (Excuse: Living in Dorms).

    Since I am graduating this year, and moving back home, I will be unable to retake the Anthropology and Chemistry classes directly at the college. However, I will be going to the community college by my house to take organic/physics, so I figured I could retake the D and the C in chemistry. How would medical schools respond to me retaking the chemistry at a community college instead of the four year university?

    Add: I also do not have enough room to take both the C and the D before I send in my application, so I decided to retake the D. Is this a good idea or should I retake the chemistry instead?
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    If I understand your post correctly, the D in English is bad, but it will not hurt you as badly as the C in chemistry, in my opinion. If I were only able to take the CC classes, I would retake the chemistry and as many science classes as possible at the CC as I could before I submit the AMCAS, maybe throwing in an English-type class just to show adcoms that I am capable of doing well in those types of classes.

    Also, you said you want to retake the English class, but is the same English class offered at the CC that was also offered at the 4year university (where you originally got the D grade)? If it is not, it does not count as a retake, although it will count towards your GPA the same.

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