Should I retake DAT?


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Mar 31, 2012
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Hi I took DAT 3 days ago...
Here are my stats :
PAT : 20
RC : 17
Bio : 19
Gchem : 20
Ochem : 22
QR : 19
TS : 20
AA: 19
sGPA : 3.70
100 hours volunteering/shadowing
No research/clinical experience

Should I retake my DAT? I already submitted my app to 11 dental schools about 3 weeks ago. My RC score is pretty low as well as AA. What do you guys think?
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Feb 3, 2014
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It depends on which schools you are applying to or wish to attend. I'd say not to unless you do not get in anywhere this cycle. I think your DAT scores are roughly in line with the average matriculant. Some schools might be leery of the RC score but I don't think it's enough to sink your app. If you have any opportunities to do research, do that and add a revision to your app in December if you don't hear anything or are still waiting for possible interview invitations.
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