Should I retake?

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Jacob Saadoun

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Jun 22, 2023
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I got a c- in bio101 (ecology) but I have taken bio102 (cell bio) and bio 201 (genetics) should I retake this class? also I got a c- in gen chem lab (1 credit) should I retake the class as a whole or how do I approach this?

I know c- wont satisfy prereq, so I dont know what to do about the c- in chem lab, I got a B in lecture so I wouldnt mind retaking the class as a whole now that I know how to study for the class.

For the bio, I know I need a year of general biology so Im not sure what to do here.

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C-minuses are not passing grades in the eyes of graduate/professional admissions. I'm not sure about the C-minus in chem lab since many undergrad schools combine gen chem 1 lecture and lab as one grade, so it would depend on what your prehealth advisor says based on their experience with the med schools that most of your fellow students have applied to. In fact, your prehealth advisor or biology academic advisor is probably better positioned to advise you about retaking your ecology class for med school/professional school admissions.
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