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Should I retake?


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Jun 6, 2002
    I am a biology major and psychology minor with a 3.83 science GPA and 3.87 non-science GPA. On the mcat, I got a disappointing 9VR, 10PS, 10BS. Should I take the August MCAT? With Kaplan, I was getting at least 30s on the practice tests. I'm not trying to get into Harvard, but I would like to go to a decent medical school. Thanks for your help. :confused:


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    Apr 22, 2002
      I am off to chat with a counselor about my situation. If I had your scores I'd let them ride. No question. I have a 3.94 postbac GPA and ended up with a whopping 9VR,8PS,9BS. I am horrified! The only "good" thing is that physics & chemistry I took 10 yrs ago....so at least I can talk to the low score. I'll let you know how my conversation goes later today...

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      Mar 29, 2002
      Travelling via handbasket
      1. Attending Physician
        same here. i don't think you need to retake unless you want to go to Penn, Harvard, Hopkins...etc, especially if you have decent ECs and LORs. 29 is not a bad score-- it is above average, and you have the great GPA to make up for a <30 MCAT. I say go ahead and apply as you are. You have a great chance. :)
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        May 14, 2002
        Columbus, OH
          here's the deal. if you feel that you threw everything you had at the test, then don't take it again. The first time i took that test I took kaplan, and studied, but i didn't go full throttle. I mean where you really lay it all out on the line. I knew that i didn't prepare as i should have. I just sort of studied some, and had a "good idea" of what was going on with the test. But I didn't know it all.

          The second time i took it, no kaplan. I had someone to study with, and we were both completely trying to help eachother. It was the best way to study, by far. We knew it all. that's the way you MUST take this test to be happy with yourself.

          If you feel like you did all you could, then be happy! you are competitive. Take the test again if you feel that on the first time your didn't know ALL of it. Its the only way to let yourself sleep at night. Best of luck!
          well, it already looks as if you have decided not to retake. good decision. I applied to 21 schools with a 3.62 GPA and 29 MCAT on my second time taking the test in April 2000. I received 7 interviews and 2 acceptances to very decent schools (provided you consider Tufts and SLU to be "decent schools", which I think most people would since one is in the top 50 and the other has a hospital ranked in about 6 internal medicine subspecialties). I also received 2 "hold for interview" notices which I think would have been interview invitations instead had I submitted the secondaries for these particular schools earlier.
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