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Mar 19, 2000
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For all of you that supported me after the MCAT scores came in I thank you !! Now comes a decision:

Should I waste my time sending back the CWRU secondary?? Or should I just let it sit here on my desk? It is the last secondary for me to send in. That's right...I had all my stuff done by the time my scores came in, thinking that I didn't do as horrible as I did ( a 17 M just to remind you all!), and all the schools have just been waiting on my scores.

So should I send in the stuff and let Case have my money? Or is it that much of a longshot that I should just forget it?

Remember that the rest of my application is GREAT....aside from the MCAT, which probably means:

Great Application + Great LOR + Excellent volunteer work + a ton of EC's + Great GPA (top 7% of class) + a 17 M MCAT


So should I bother?? :confused:


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Nov 28, 2001
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I say don't. You are probably not going to get in anywhere with a 17. Save the money and focus your mental and emotional efforts on retaking the MCAT in April. I don't mean to be overly negative, but I think that you will rest easier if you put the 17 behind you, and plan on applying next year. You have a year to prepare a new application, do new things, and improve you MCAT.

If you really want to go to medical school you can do this, but it won't happen this year.


not to be discouraging, but i wouldn't send it in. you need to work on that score before you are more marketable - if everything else is there then once you get that up you should be good to go.


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Jul 22, 2002
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think of it this way: you are obviously a smart person, and with a decent MCAT you could get into a really good med school. If you apply with your 17, you'll get into a mediocre med school, at best.
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