Medical Should I send letter of intent to another WL school?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I’ve sent plenty of letters of interest and updated letters of intent to my dream school. Unfortunately, the WL movement recently took on 11+ people and wasn’t in my favor and there has been no movement since. It seems as though my chances are next to none of getting into my dream school since the spots are filled up with people already CTE’ing.
However, I am still on 2 other waitlists, and if it means that I’ll get into either of those schools (either of which I would immediately CTE over my current acceptance), is it ok for me to send a letter of intent to one of the 2 remaining WL schools?
I would attend any of the schools on my WL over my current acceptance in a heartbeat, and if sending a letter of intent to a different school means getting accepted and going there, I want to take action ASAP. I don’t want my actions to be unethical, as I genuinely would accept a spot at this point to any of the 3 WL schools. Having my dream school out of reach already is just prompting fear that if I don’t take action now I’ll have to settle for my current acceptance.
And just as a little FYI, I’ve sent several letters of interest and updates to the other 2 WL schools already.
What is my best course of action?
Your actions demonstrate why Admissions deans treat these as lies.
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