Should taking shelf exams at the end of MSII shorten your board prep time?

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Oct 3, 2005
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Should studying for shelf exams and cumulative finals count as "boards study time"? I have to take the pathology and behavioral science shelf exams and a cumulative pharmacology final. I'm concerned about burning out on boards review and forgetting all the stuff I memorize early. I suck at memorizing but am really good with remembering concepts. If I work on the concepts now and try to have all concepts in first aid mastered before shelf exams, do you think I shorten my step 1 review since I will have just memorized all the path/pharm/behavioral science? Thanks for any input.

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I would, especially since you're ending with such high yield topics.

If you do particularly poorly on the shelf exams you could extend your study time at that point, but don't plan on that. I think it would be best to figure out how you can cover the rest of the material as efficiently as possible so that you retain as much as you can from these courses.