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Dec 28, 2008
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I'd love to hear the adventures of any single parents who are premed, med student, or residents who have dealt with custody battles. BabyDaddy and I split up a number of months ago, and I am caring for our 10 month-old son. I'm still undergrad, and know for sure that moving out of state would be virtually impossible for me even without the baby, but I'm worried about the prospect of shuffling around with the kiddo in tow. The father and I share almost half-time, but I am the primary parent. He has told me flat out that I am not "allowed" to move far away because of the baby.
I don't believe that I could simply take custody or visitation away from him, and I don't think either of us could deal with an arrangement that requires lengthy periods (four days or more) away from our son. Frankly, I study best when he takes the boy for the weekend. How did any of you cope with single parenting and visitation issues? Has anyone moved far away from the ex or out of state at all? Did you encounter huge uphill battles or legal muck? I'd just like to know what to be prepared for, and any helpful advice you may offer. I want to see my son as much as possible, as often as possible, I want to stay close to home, and I want to avoid crazy custody battles. Help! Thanks muchly for reading the long and boring post, too.


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I am not sure that this is the proper forum or even website for this type of discussion. It may be an issue that involves a non-traditional student entering a health care profession but it isn't really something that this website/message board would deal with. Giving advice in an legal situation especially one that involves a child is not a function of the Student Doctor Network therefore I am closing this thread and recommending that you seek advice from an attorney who is experienced in your type of situation in your state. Good luck.
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