i feel like such a slaquer - won't be able to turn in any secondaries till this md/phd personal statement is done (just taken it out of its infancy stage). i know it is still well early, but those pre-allo kids are making me antsy. hah - better send out something relatively decent than a rushed job ---

are you guys that are applying waiting to send in the med and mstp stuff at the same time - or waiting till all parts are complete? i think i'm gonna just send things all at once. score. its almost the weekend.


Are you French?

nope-just ******ed (jk)

hah - 5 years of french - and "slaquer" is all i can muster (which isn't a word i imagine) -- canadian/kenyan/soon-to-be-american (if freakin selective service wouldn't take months to process a 7 digit number) but no french up in here.

hows mayo? - the summers must be great there.
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