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Jul 20, 2007
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Hello there,
I am a board eligible Psychiatrist presently pursuing child psych fellowship that will end july 2009. Before giving my Written boards next september, I am planning to apply for sleep medicine fellowship position in 2008, that will start July 2009.
Could anyone possibly provide information re:
How much Competetive it is to find a fellowship position being psychiatry trained?
What is the difference in doing a sleep medicine fellowship in an ACGME accredited institution vs. AASM accredited institution?
Do psychiatry trained professionals demand less respect from program directors? and demand less salary too? any idea on the pay structures and reimbursement rates??

This is one of my first posts and have heard lot of good things about SDN, and the advantages of networking in here for information. I would greatly appreciate your answers and hopefully could provide me a direction to my dilemma. Regards, SHRNKMD:confused::confused: