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  1. Have a friend doesn't have any of the science requirements for medical school and did poorly in undergraduate. That was five years ago and he is a lot more mature/successful now, but he is applying to undergraduate schools as someone who never went to college. He thinks it would take him maybe 3 years before he is ready to apply taking post bacc or masters anyway, and this way he can have a fresh gpa. He isn't going to mention his "first" BA on his medical school apps. I'm telling him it is immoral and unethical, but is it not also illegal? Can he do this? Is there some database so that any school he applies to would know he is already has a bachelors?
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    I don't know if there is a database, BUT I hope they catch him before he ever gets accepted into any medical. A person like like does NOT belong in medicine.

    If he was doctor material he would work his butt of the next three years, show drastic improvement in GPA put everythig on his application and let the med schools deceide if he has improved enough. But that is what he would do if he was moral and ethical. :oops: :oops:
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  3. OP

    I have printed out your reply to show to him! Thank you, you said it in words better than I could :) .
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    Lord Serious, your friend is stupid. Med schools WILL find out either by checking his credit history, or some other way. It IS illegal to purposely omit information and med schools have the right to revoke admission or any degree he may receive in the future.
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    i know for a fact that med schools dont check on things like that. but, if they do find out he would be kicked out for sure. also, if you read the application for each school, they say that if any info is wrong and they find out down the line they can kick you our or even take your medical licease away. tell him dont be stupid!
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    That's application fraud if I've ever seen it! Tell him that it will haunt him whether he is caught today or caught tomorrow. Tell him to imagine going through a top medical school unscathed, becomming a chief resident in a Top 10 hospital, driving a Mercedes, having a supermodel for a wife because he is a plastic surgeon and making top dollar in Hollywood, California.

    Ok, picture it? ;)

    Now, imagine getting caught at this point and getting his license revoked, the lawsuits that will ensue, the divorces, the reposessions, the debts he would have to pay monetarily and societally , the loss of friendships and the loss of faith, and the trail of fraud he leaves behind.

    I am sure he is just thinking theoretically and will not employ such a devious tactic in actuality.

    Moral: There is no such thing as covering up a weak foundation without the cover-up tumbling.
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