so when do I apply?

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Feb 17, 2009
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So i've been reading a few threads that are talking about when to send in your amcas application - and the general consensus is to get it in right away - but i have a couple of questions about that - First off, I will be applying to be in the 2010 cycle - I was planning on spending a month or so studying for the mcat this summer before taking it around June 12 - but that means that I wouldnt get my scores back until about a month later. Would this mean that I couldnt turn in my amcas until mid july? Would that be soon enough? - at what point are you "behind" in turning in your amcas application?
I really think I need a month after school to study for the mcat to get the best score, so what are your thoughts about the timing of everything? Thanks for the help!

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By a general rule, it's usually best to take your MCAT in April of your Junior year that way you have your results back by the end of May so you can apply to med schools in June, which is usually when they start accepting applications. But it depends on your predicament. But from your post i'm taking it as you wont be taking your MCAT until after you graduate? Is there a reason for this or am I just reading wrong?
Well, I am a junior right now - I guess there isnt a reason that I wouldnt take it earlier - I had just been advised to take the first month of the summer to study for the mcat before taking - bad advice i guess :( So now I guess its a matter of weighing time for studying for the mcat vs the time I would lose in applying later in the summer. I guess with all of the deadlines and all of the timing of things I just got confused and should have been taking the mcat right now - maybe i can take a couple less weeks to study for the mcat and take it right at the very beginning of June and then get my scores back near the first of July and get my app in just a few weeks late.
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If you are confident of your score, you can still apply in early June without the MCAT score and get your transcripts verified. When the score comes back it will be released to all your schools within one business day.

If you are not confident about your score, apply to only one school so the transcripts will still be verified. After the score comes out, add other schools depending on how competitive your score is, pay for them, and they will receive your entire application within 24 hours. If your score is poor, you will not have wasted hundreds of dollars on application fees.
that sounds like good advice - I am confident that I will get around a 30 anyways. I think I confused you b/c I said the 2010 cycle - I meant I would be applying for the 2010 year, so class of 2014 and then 2009 cycle - sorry, I am still getting used to the new dates! So I am finishing my junior year this year and going to apply this summer.