So you are preparing yourself for an interview, hah?



Here is a list of things that you definitely MUST do before going to an interview:

1. Interviewers are interested in getting to know you, the "real" you, so please don't be afraid of showing goatees, long hairs, earings, piercings, or even a prince albert. Remember, being "honest" is a valuable trait.

2. If the interviewer makes any kind of rude or offensive remarks, like saying, "you have beautiful legs" or are those real, or do u have socks underneath those bras, please don't reply in a negative fashion, thank your interviewer and simply ask, "your place or mine"....remember, he wants to know or she (whatever rocks their boat) on how you handle difficult situations where actual patients might hit on you.

3. If the interviewer asks any kind of derogatory question about your religion or your lack of one, simply thank them, and simply say "you know, I never thought of it that way, because of that one comment, I now view the whole world in a different light"...

even if u are told, "all you people are evil" or "you are right winged fantics"

please don't try to get into any kind of intellectual discussion...the interviewer is not there to see your reasoning skills or lack thereof...they simply want to know how you handle times of stress, so smile

4. If you feel that the interview is not going well, because of subtle comments by your interviewer such as

"How the hell did you manage to finish undergrad" or
"The Adcoms must have been drunk when they gave you an interview" or
"My dog has a better chance of getting in here than you"

remember these are subtle remarks, no single person in the field of medicine engages in any kind of derogatory remark, these are all good natured folks who are simply trying to test your patience. Just smile like this :D even if you are breaking inside....and take some kind of solace that they were probably really abused badly as a child.

5. If for some reason you get to the interview site, and after the admissions office, with the given set of directions you can't simply locate the damn office! remember, this is part of the interview process....if you can't find your office, this is all part of the "greater challenge" in medicine.

6. For some strange reason, you end up with the schedule that says, interview with Dr. X at 12:00 and interview with Dr. Y at 12:30.....and Dr. Y happens to be in the building half way across town......this is where sprinting is a great option, don't be afraid to use ur leather briefcase and tackle anyone on ur path....remember, if u are tardy at ur interview time, then that looks extremely bad in front of ur interviewer!

7. You read all the books about HMOs, poverty, the WHO, and various socialistic healthcare systems, but for some strange reason, you missed the topic "New Heptatis C vaccinations for the indogenous populations of New Guinea elderly", then don't fret when asked about the subject :D :rolleyes: break into a joke such as

"Abstinenance is the Key"

anybody else have interview highlights for these future newbies? :D

granted these jokes are not of the same good watcha caliber, but sue me, it's 12:00 am and I'm trying to still recover from jet lag....add on people, :cool:
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