Jan 28, 2012
Rehab Sci Student
Being selected for an OT program interview is a great accomplishment! But after the excitement settles, it's actually really stressful (at least I was stressed). I applied to 6 OT schools, had 3 interviews, and this site helped a lot with that crazy process. I am now a second year OTS and I just wanted to share some tips from my experience:

1. The "tell me about yourself" question. Be prepared to give a strong, concise statement about yourself, this is their first impression of you. "I'm___and I want to go to OT school" doesn't really set you a part from the crowd. Don't memorize it though! Sounding like a robot is not an OT skill.
2. Be prepared to answer "What is OT" "What's the difference between OT and PT?" "Give an example of one of your occupations" Each school asked me at least one knowledge question.
3. OT programs want to see you think on your feet. For example, one school handed me a small bag of random supplies (clothes pins, shoe lace, rubber bands, small plastic disks) and asked what activity I would do with a home therapy client using only the items in her home (aka the bag of junk). I don't think they were looking for anything extravagant here, just that you were able to come up with something.

Good luck and hope it helps!
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May 18, 2012
Great post. I would also add to be prepared to answer the typical job interview type questions. i.e. "Tell me about a time when you had conflict with peer or co-worker", "What would you say are your greatest strengths/weaknesses", etc. I got some of those on one of my interviews.