Some Advice? Einstein vs. Mt Sinai

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Mar 29, 2004
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I got into both and I'm completely up in the air on which I want to go to. From what I've seen they have similar curricula (both are p/f for first two years), both have good residency matches, and they're both in the greatest city in the world.

I'm going to med school straight out of college and I've heard that Einstein has a lot of non-traditional students, which is a potential drawback for me. Also, the location of Mt Sinai is definitely better. However, I've done research at Einstein for the past two summers and it couldn't have been better there. I definitely feel a sense of loyalty towards them (plus they accepted me two months before Mt Sinai).

I've talked to some doctors who interview residency applicants and they've both said that it's a close call on which school, in general, prepares students for residencies better. They said to go where I felt more comfortable and happy on the interview day, but I can't make the decision based on just that because I felt really comfortable and happy at both.

I found that Mt Sinai's average board scores were 228, but I couldn't find Einstein's online. Anyone know what they are?

I'm thinking of going into radiology, ophthalmology, or internal medicine. Anyone have any advice? Anything relevant to either school specifically would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Forget about trying to find board scores for Einstein-they wont contribute any more useful information to you.Also forget about who accepted you first,and forget about "loyalty" because you did research at a particular institution.They are irrelevant to your decision.There is no significant difference in how these schools will prepare you for residency.Your choice of specialties can be achieved from either place.It boils down to your gut feeling of where you would enjoy being the most.For me living in Manhattan and not having to travel there would clinch it.
I'm a fourth year at Einstein. I have no regrets, but I would have accepted Mount Sinai over Einstein in a heartbeat. The training is about the same quality, but Mount Sinai students do much better in the match. Einstein is a good school, don't get me wrong.... It'll just never get over the stigma of being in the Bronx.
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Originally posted by BassDominator
I'm a fourth year at Einstein. I have no regrets, but I would have accepted Mount Sinai over Einstein in a heartbeat. The training is about the same quality, but Mount Sinai students do much better in the match. Einstein is a good school, don't get me wrong.... It'll just never get over the stigma of being in the Bronx.

Well, so much for school loyalty! Are you sure the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence? I think in most people's minds Einstein and Mt. Sinai are comparable schools without one having a significant edge on the other. As far as having a "better" match list at Mt. Sinai (and this is the first time I've heard anyone say this), it may simply be the case that students at Einstein on the whole choose to match into more primary care specialties or to stay local, or any number of other factors.
I think Mt. Sinai and Einstein match lists are comparable, with AE being a bit stronger in IM/Peds/OB-Gyn and MSSM a bit stronger in the surgical subspecialties. Clinical education is probably better at Einstein, from what I hear. But I agree with the previous post, it's location in the Bronx makes it a less sexy school.
Einstein had an amazing match list this year.... with the exception of the surgical specialties. I don't think we've had a list this good in many years. Historically, I do believe that Sinai tends to fare better in the match.... but I could be wrong, too.

There is also a big emphasis on primary care at Einstein.... to the that point that our dean almost discourages students from pursuing more competitive fields. Partly, because we receive a lot of primary care related funding.... but also somewhat because the administration doesn't want the school to look bad on match day. So, if you have your heart set on a super competitive specialty, Einstein is probably not the best place for you.

I do have to say that I received an excellent education at Einstein.... but when I was interviewing at Manhatten programs, some folks were a little snobby towards Einstein. No matter how good the training is at any institution, many programs out there are very name conscious when it comes to the institutions they like to see on their match lists. I think it's bunk.... but it still gets me mad.

Don't get me wrong, if the quality of training is more important to you than the name, then you definitely can't go wrong at Einstein. I would have to say that our greatest strength is our patients. In an underserved community, a med student receives the same if not more respect/appreciation than an MD does. It's a really great opportunity to assume responsibility, get a lot of hands on experience, and to do a lot of good for the community.

Fourth years at Einstein truly function at the level of an intern.... and transition very smoothly into residency. I've been told this by several interviewers. We have a reputation for making great interns.... and this is because of the quality of our clinical experiences and the amount of responsibility we're able to take on.

I'm very proud of being an Einstein grad. Sure, I wish we were a little more respected out there.... but in the end, it really doesn't matter where you go. A lot of what makes a good doctor is simply having a good heart and working hard. There's great and not so great docs coming out of every school.... it's really what you make of it.
sinai hands down
bronx is a dump
there are more important things to consider than match lists
go where you want to be
Hey, I'm in the same situation - acceptances at both schools. So far, it seems like MSSM for me. It's just a feeling! I love Einstein for its great neuro research, but overall MSSM's location is more convenient.
Hey darkcity998 - I'm choosing MSSM because of the location, student population, and better gut feeling about it. I'm staying on the Cornell waitlist, but I'm not going to wait well into summer to get in. Are you MD/PhD?
Einstein students come out with one of the strongest internal medicine foundations any program can teach. Another plus about Einstein are its tremendous number of affiliate hospitals which puts one foot in the door for you if you decide to apply to one of those hospitals for residency because they love Einstein students & we've rotated through there to make the connections.

1st two years are about the same at every institution. 3rd & 4th year at Einstein is awesome! You can rotate through LIJ in Long Island, Beth Isreal in Manhattan, Montefiore in da Bronx (mecca of medicine & surgery & peds), Weiler right next to the school, Jacobi (a county hospital which is the best if you are interested in emergency medicine; BTW, Jacobi has built a BRAND NEW hospital and will be moving in later on this modern top of the line facilities); In addition, Einstein students may also rotate through Flushing Hospital for peds (in Queens), Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Four Winds for psych (cushy hospital in Westchester).

These are the hospitals I can think of off the top of my head that Einstin students rotate through, but I think there are a couple more. So if you are really big into living in the city there are Einstein students who do practically ALL of their 3rd & 4th year rotations at Beth Isreal in Manhattan. Housing is free of course =) Big plus for living in an expensive place like Manhattan. It's right in Union Square! So in addition to Manhattan, there are so many other places you can rotate through to see all the different buroughs of NY.

Oh and one more great thing about the place is the size of the student apartments. They are real apartments, not dorms. Ranges from studio to 3 bedrooms. Living room, full size kitchen, bathroom, and huge walk in closets. Yes, they are a little run down cuz the buildings are old, but who cares? You'll only be here for 4 years. Rent is dirt cheap for living in New York. I only had experience living in a 2 bedroom and it was about $600/month. I don't think you can find anything like that in Manhattan. Plus utilities are paid for and maintenance / repairs are all free through the housing office.

The city is accessible via 2 subways stations (181st street & williamsbridge) or express bus (bus stop right in front of apartments). 45 minutes and you're in the city.
Forgot to mention: Dont worry about library being closed for Sabbath. The brown brick building you went to for interviews has 4 floors of conference rooms that are open 24/7/365 for students to study. They are actually much more quiet than the library. When I was at Einstein, I almost never studied at the library because people talk way too much. Plus the conference rooms all have computers & online access. :D