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Jun 29, 2006
Munich, Germany
Hi, I need some advice with NBME tests

I wrote Step 1 in May 2006 and i failed (172/71). Now I am preparing for my second attempt (I started studying again at the beginning of July and plan to write it at the end of September).

For my first attempt, I only took the NBME Form 1 the day before the real thing and scored 380 (186).

I have downloaded the NBME Form 1 and 2 questions that are floating around SDN (which I didnt have for my first attempt). Should I go through these two forms myself (instead of paying for them) and then pay for Forms 3 and 4 as I get closer to my test date or should I also pay for Form 1 and Form 2 and do all the 4 forms the "correct" way? (Money is not the issue here). I am particularly interested in Form 2 because it seems like it is the best predictor.

I hope my post made sense ;)
Thank you.