Jun 2, 2019
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Hello everyone, thank you again for being willing to help. I want to apply broadly since I do believe I have a slight disadvantage of being a younger applicant(19), so I'd rather be safe. I am also applying to a few DO schools as well. I also took dual enrollment courses in which I finished my GEs and my bio prereqs but the rest of the science prereqs were at my 4-year college. I am also graduating in 3 years and taking no gap years.

Academic record: Will graduate in 2021 from a UC

Cumulative GPA: 3.99 overall

Science GPA: 3.98

MCAT Score(s): 518

Country/state of residence: US citizen, CA born/raised

Social background: Mixed male(Look mostly ORM cuz only quarter URM lol), Parents both went to college for certifications(LVN) but no degrees so first-gen according to AMCAS, FAP applicant since low SES

My hours listed below include hours that are projected into the future, so what I listed around:

Research: 1000 hours of volunteer clinical research. Have 1 abstract that is under review in journal as 3rd author. Also have 2 research posters that were presented.

Had another job as a paid research assistant but nothing resulted from it(200 hours)

Volunteering (clinical): 500 hours split between 2 free clinics. 200 hours hospice. 50 hours hospital volunteering.

Physician shadowing: 140 hours of 3 surgeons, was going to do family shadowing but got canceled

Non-clinical volunteering: 300 hours as board for a cultural-based club that focuses on volunteering

Employment history: Gas station attendant(300 hours)

Immediate family members in medicine?: mother is LVN

Specialty of interest: not sure yet

Interest in rural health (y/n): YES DEFINITELY

Schools to which you are applying: Can you please tell me if this is a good list? I will also consider applying to DO schools and would like if someone could give me good advice on those that are solid for residencies as well. I want at least 50 schools in which I am applying, as I do have the time now to write secondaries full time. THANK YOU AGAIN, BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
California University
Albert Einstein
Florida Atlantic
Rosalind Franklin
Eastern Virginia
Florida International
George Washington
Loma Linda
Medical College Wisconsin
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Penn State
St. Louis
Central Florida
UC Davis
U Colorado
U Illinois
U Iowa
Virginia Commonwealth
Wake Forest
Wayne State
USC Keck
UC Irvine
NYU Grossman
Stanford University
Harvard University
Columbia University Vagelos
Icahn University
Boston University
University of Pittsburgh
Zucker at Hofstra/Northwell
Case Western
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