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SOPHAS Questions


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Sep 23, 2009

    I was wondering if anyone can answer three questions for me:

    Course Level:

    According to SOPHAS instructions, it says to "classify ALL classes according to the status you held at the time you took them, regardless of the level indicated by the course prefix for these classes (eg. a senior-level course taken while you are a sophomore should be marked as Lower-Division (Fr/So)".

    Let's say, for example, someone takes basic physics or statistics during their junior/senior year. Does this mean that even if these are considered "lower division courses (Fr/So)" at their university, that they should be classified as an "upper division course (Jr/Sr)"?

    Advanced Placement Credit:

    SOPHAS says to use this section to mark credit listed on your transcript for an AP exam. I know that AP scores don't get factored into your GPA, however, how does one go about adding AP scores? I can't seem to find a place to add a high school (I can only see how to add a College/University).

    Do you want to be considered for financial assistance?

    Does checking no for this question mean that I won't be able to receive any grants or scholarships? I am not planning on taking out any loans and do not qualify for financial aid, but I still would like to be in the running to qualify for any grants or scholarships that might be available from schools.

    Thank you!
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    Sep 13, 2010
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      In the FAQ's section for coursework (U.S.) it says:

      Q: How do I determine the Course Level for my coursework?
      A: The Course Level for a course can vary from applicant to applicant. You should select the course level that best describes your status at the time you took the course, regardless of the prefix or concentration of the course itself. For example, a class with the prefix BIO 452 taken when you were a sophomore should be marked as "Lower-division," even if your transcript indicates that a class numbered 400 or above is considered senior-level coursework.

      I took this to mean that it didn't really matter what the university considered the course to be, if I took it in my first two years it was lower level (FR/SO) and if I took it after then it was upper level. I didn't get my application sent back to me so I guess that was an ok assumption!!

      For the AP, I had these as well, the way I entered it was how it was listed on my transcript from my University. So, for example, I got AP credit for Calculus I, it was entered from my school as being in 2000 (I didn't start school there until 2001, but I took the AP test my junior year of high school in 2000). I entered it as an "interim semester" under my university for 2000. When you enter the course there is a drop down menu for special circumstances and I chose "AP" from that. I entered it as "no grade" and again, my application was processed and sent out without being returned to me (just a few weeks ago).

      I can't answer the financial aid question for sure, but I believe it's just for statistical analysis. However I can't say that as a fact.

      Good luck!!!
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