Sophomore first sem schedule


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Mar 25, 2016
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this is what i have scheduled MATH M311 PHYS P 221 CHEM C 341 EALC C 201 MUS P 120 How will this be ? Chinese Teacher- xiaoying liles calc 3 teacher- carmen rovi Physics - londergan p120- no fukin clue orgo chem - reck I must get 4.0 like i did my first semester. anything below 3.9 is considered bad for me. i will be starting sophmore year first semester. I am going to go try very hard and use my intelligence in order to gt 4.0

math m 311 is calc 3 physics 221 is calc based physics ealc 201 is chinese year 2 chem c 341 is orgo chem I p 120 is non major piano
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May 31, 2016
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No one knows the answer to your question and many probably do not even understand what your question is. Each school is different. Talk to your peers, professors and advisers. Do your best in what you take.
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