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Discussion in 'Veterinary' started by bass4booty, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. bass4booty

    bass4booty New Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    Does anyone know any good resources for figuring out the grades and profiles of those accepted into particular residency programs? I'm really curious about small animal Surgery and Clinical Pathology in particular. Please don't respond with "you need over a 3.0 and good recs, internships, etc..." as everyone that is just stating the obvious. I'm looking for some sort of ballpark figures specifically related to path or surg residencies. Thanks for your help...
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  3. dvm'08

    dvm'08 Member 7+ Year Member

    May 6, 2006
    funny you mention this - we just got a talk from one of our admin people about this today.

    I also am interested in surgery and asked similar questions... Interestingly, about grades: we were told that there is a phenomena across vet schools of grade hyperinflation - hence he said that they dont really look at grades when choosing residents. he said the biggest factors that determine who they chose are their letters of recommendation from internship preceptors, from clinical faculty that can attest to your skill level and from any current residents you are working under that ensure you are going to be personable, have a sense of humor, are well liked etc. The biggest thing they seemed concerned with was that they would be able to get along with you for 3 years.

    They said more but thats all i can remember - and this info is specific to my school so i cant speak for others... i'm sure each program is different.
  4. birdvet2006

    birdvet2006 Glasgow c/o 2006 5+ Year Member

    Feb 5, 2005
    Portsmouth, NH
    I think you should contact the VIRMP people ( - they usually publish some sort of statistic book, or at least names and positions filled. I think you have to specifically order or request the book if you're not offering a position. Surgery, at least, should have statistics there. I'm not sure if clin path goes through the match, or if there's only a certain percentage that does.
  5. bass4booty

    bass4booty New Member

    Feb 17, 2005
    I imagine the whole "do I want to be spending 15 hrs a day with this person" issue goes along way and that is why the letter of recommendation/word of mouth issue is so big.

    I'll look into any stats that they post. I'm sure people have really great grades and recommendations. However, I'm sure there are also those that had lower grades than you might have thought, but backed up with really great experiences and letters of recommendation.

    Anyhow, I appreciate the replies...

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