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This is for everyone who applied/is applying to St. Matthews University. Feel free to ask anything and tell your experiences!

Here is mine:

I just got accepted for the Sept. 09 class!

I had no interview, but I heard they are by phone. I think the reason I didn't have an interview was because I visited the school a week before I was accepted, had a tour, met with the Dean, and sat in on his class....maybe that was an unofficial interview?

I heard by email 16 business days after my application was complete and everything was received.

You only have 7 days to accept their offer of acceptance, then you have to pay your $500 seat deposit (not refundable) and your $1000 residence hall deposit (refundable).

I heard it normally takes 10-15 days after completing your application to get an interview, then only 5-10 days after the interview to get your acceptance.....unless you are lucky like me and didn't get an interview! :)

Good luck to everyone!
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