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    whats it mean for a person to be on staff in the hospital?

    1) do you work FOR the hospital?

    2) do you work AT the hospital?

    3) are you PAID BY (salary/productivity/etc) the hospital?

    And how do you go about getting on the staff?
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    When a physician is on staff at a hospital, it usually means that the physician is on the roster of medical professionals with privileges at the hospital. Most of the physician on staff are not paid and do not work for the hospital. They usually come in to do consults, admit patients to the hospital and round on them, or do surgery at the hospital. There may be a few physicians that are actually paid by the hospital and these include hospitalists. However, many of the hospitalists are independent contractors or work in private groups. In certain hospitals where a specific specialist is in demand, the hospital may offer incentives for the medical specialist to be on staff at the hospital. Sometimes, the chairman of a medical department and physicians involved in hospital administrative duties may get some form of reimbursement from the hospital. One of the major benefits of being on staff at a hospital is that you can be a referral source for patients by the hospital when a patient contacts the hospital's physician referral service.

    As for applying to get on staff at a hospital, one can contact either human resources or professional credentialing office for futher information. If a hospital already has enough specialists on staff, they may not allow any more physician in that specialty to join the staff at the hospital.

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