Starting 3rd yr, interested in MDSSP


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Dec 12, 2014
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Hi Everyone,

I appreciate your time. I'm prior service was in the reserves before and enjoyed the balance between serving but also living my life. I recently learned about the MDSSP program and am very interested..

There are a few questions I have. It seems to me like it's a great deal! Esp since I'm interested in surgery (trauma or plastics/reconstructive)
I was told my payback for medical school would be cancelled if I got into a gen surgery program or other critical specialities. I was also told my loans would be forgiven 40k/ yr starting as a pgy2 max 250k repayment. In total my ultimately time to payback for these benefits would be 10 yrs after residency. Which for me is ok bcuz I want to retire wit the army.

I'm interested in knowing what the physician/military balance is like. I enjoyed my time in the reserves as an enlisted and do miss it a lot! But I also dont want to ruin my physician career moving forward.

While in med school and residency, I was told there the option of doing 16hrs non-clinical that I could fill out a form and submit for "drill pay" I wanted to confirm if that's true- meaning I do not need to show up for drill each month and I can get a "good-year" for retirement but also more money than the stipend.

I'm looking forward to learning more about your experience with MDSSP, and other issues I should consider before joining. I like the military but I kno active (long term) isnt for me.. 120 day deployment q3yrs I think would be worth it and something I can see myself doing.

But I feel like there more to it that I may not be understanding because all of this seems more than worth it.
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