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Nov 9, 2014
MD/PhD Student

So i have decided to start studying for step 1 and planning to give it in Oct this year so that i can be in time to apply for this years match i'm ok to apply late
i had cleared my CS back in Nov 2012 which is now expired so i have to resit for it which i am hoping to do in August.
I have already cleared my CK ( on second attempt) with a score of 240 in Nov 2014 ( so yes its about to expire) which is why i want to get done with it now.

I work full time as a GP in the Emergency Room so 48 hours of work weekly and plus i have a baby who is 6 months old now (new mother). I graduated from med school (MBBS) in 2012 and have been working full time since 2015.

i know it sounds a handful but i'm looking for schedule and strategies to start studying for step 1 and pass it. Aiming for flying colors is a bit too much i would be happy with a score of 230-240 if not 260 which i would aim for, but looking at the time restriction that i have i'm really looking to kill it this time i have been contemplating on step 1 for 2 years now and really looking forward to nailing it this time.

I've gathered my resources for uworld online and offline
boards and beyond, dr najeeb lectures, FA2018 hard copy

are these resources enough? is there anyone out there in the similar boat as mine and is preparing for step 1 or has given the exam already, kindly please share your experience and tips to prepare, would really appreciate some insight to it