Status says schools have not received packet from TMDSAS


The Black Bantam
10+ Year Member
Feb 14, 2005
Attending Physician
I couldn't think of a decent title. On my TMDSAS account, it says that they received my committee evaluation packet on July 12. I've checked my status online at Tech and TCOM and they said that they have not received the packet from TMDSAS so I'll assume that the rest of the schools haven't either. Is this delay normal? I thought that the schools should have received it by now... I know that TMDSAS sends out stuff to the schools once a week but it's been 2 weeks. I was thinking of calling the office in Austin but I don't want them getting mad at me and retaliating by sending out the packet later. Should I call Tech, etc. first? I'm getting very impatient and worried.
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