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Oct 24, 2004
    lhereIaml said:
    Hey guyz. I been reading these forums but today I finally got around to registering and putting out my own voice out. You guyz are pretty chill to help out ignorant pre-meds. lol. Well I have a couple of questions today.

    1. Currently I'm a sophmore in college and my grades are really iffy. I mean Freshman year screwed me over and I was really irresponisble . (Iffy as in a 2.5. I pretty much took all three sciences, bio, chem, and physics in in year, including labs. Yes ,I know I have down syndrome. ) And this semester I'm doing alot better but I'm struggling orgo. The thing is should I pursue my pre-med career? I really want to become a doctor, and itz not a naive optimistic view or anything because I'm been really thinking about it for the past year. I really want to become one because I've always liked biology and how the human body operates. I just want to know should I keep going? I dont want to be an imbecile and try to set a goal that is ridiculously out of reach. What do you guys think?

    2. Do you think if I went to school in the Carribean or the West Indies, when I go looking for a job, Do you think I'll have a hard time?

    3. Do you think I can manage to attend the shadowing program and do EMS? (btw I have a girlfriend, which doesnt help anything.)

    Your opinions will be well appreciated!!!

    (uno) Chem, Phys, Bio are all your prereq classes, if you got less than a B in more than one of them, i would recommend retaking them.

    (dos) You can still be a great family practitioner of pediatrician (there are no unemployed docs in the US), but finding a competitive residency will be difficult.

    (tres) yes, girlfriends aren't a good excuse to not be able to do stuff

    (quatro) improve that damn gpa.



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    Oct 9, 2005
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      You're only a soph so if you can get mostly A's for the rest of your college career you will be OK. An upward trend is very important to overcome a slow start. Take fewer classes or at least fewer science classes per semester to lighten the load if that is possible. Don't waste time with shadowing, EMS, etc... until you have your grades under control.
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        you've got plenty of time to turn things around. when i finished my freshman year i had like a 2.5 gpa as well. so you can absolutely still turn things around and get in. but it does take a lot of work.

        you're gonna need good grades in hard classes (B's in orgo won't kill you... I got B's in both semesters of organic), good MCAT scores, and the rest of the application package as well.

        but if you want it; you get get in.

        best of luck,
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