Nov 7, 2010
Medical Student
Hi SDNers!

So I gave the beast and it's a dismal 201/83.Of course,I am upset about it and don't wanna give any excuses.It's sad cuz I've been doing fairly well at med school,the NBME's and all.Now,when it matters the most,I buckled.I couldn't have postponed the exam cuz I was supposed to start a research program in a week.So it was basically now -or -never situation.

How far can this score pull me down with matching for residency? I am vying for peds or IM or Family Practice and it doesn't help with the fact that I am an IMG from a carib med school.

On a plus side,I have been an active leader with several student organizations and completed few scholars programs/short fellowships to date.I've published twice with an international health magazine and a literature review for a journal is in the works.How far do these count?

I am slated to begin rotations soon and scheduling step 2 CK shortly.My goal is to obscure my poor Step 1 score with a high Step 2 CK score by working my a** off while at it,since this will be my only plausible option.

If I am successful,will this strategy of aiming for a higher Step2 to make up for Step 1 score,work?

Thanks and I wish you all good luck in your pursuits!