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Discussion in 'Step II' started by FarEastGrapplr2, Dec 18, 2005.

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    i'm going to try and post-Match this spring, and was wondering, when is the latest i can take my Step 2 CK and still get my results in time for post-Match? would it be feb 15th (wed)? i scheduled my exam for feb 6th, but could really use the extra time

    much thanks
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    If you take the step 2ck exam on feb 6th, you can realistically expect to have the score report in your hand on march 6th. If you take it feb 15th, you wont have your score report in your hand until march 15th or so. Basically, your score is mailed to you usually on the 3rd wednesday after you take the exam. (If you take it on a tuesday, then it would technically be the 4th wednesday, or 22 days after you take the exam). On that day, your score would also be electronically released to your school assuming that you are at a US or Canadian school. So, to answer your question, I think that to be able to post-match, you should take your exam no later than feb 6th unless of course you are totally unprepared. If that's the case, then obviously dont take the test until you are ready.

    I assume that by post-match you are referring to trying to get a residency slot at one of the unfilled programs once the computer match has been completed. If that is the case, the list of unfilled programs comes out the week of March 13th 2006 (I think) and at that point you have to be close to a fax machine and just start faxing your application to all the programs like crazy and also have a phone available to receive calls from program directors looking to fill their programs. It basically turns into a first come first served type of deal. I know that the school dean's offices get a list of unfilled programs but I do not know if/how they are distributed to individual applicants.

    These are just my thoughts and obviously I am not an "official" source of info or anything. Hope I helped a little.

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