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Nov 16, 2015
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Hi everyone, sorry in advance if this post seems obvious for most of you, but been trying to check previous posts and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Here's the thing:

Assuming I take and pass step1 by March, and I want to have all steps done for next September (I'm an IMG), I'm trying to figure out how much time more or less do I need for step 2CK, assuming that I could study around 7hours a day, and aswell, but less important at the moment, how much time do I need for step 2CS.

As I live in Spain and got my step1 material (books) months ago, I'd like to know what books/material do I need to prep for step 2CK, so I can buy it before I'm done with step1 and make sure I can start the study plan for CK a week after passing step1 (shipping things from the US to Spain will take around 2 weeks).

As I don't have any partners for guidance, what do you guys think?? Feel free to reply!

Thank you very much!

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Peruse this forum. There's a "CK Experiences" thread where people post very detailed study methods.

How much time people need for CK really varies by person and their knowledge base, performance on shelf exams, etc. The adage is "2 months for Step 1, 2 weeks for Step 2, and a No.2 pencil for Step 3" but many people need more than 2 weeks for Step 2. If you have completely dedicated study time, then probably 4 weeks would be enough, but if you'll be working and studying, you may need a bit more time.

Step 2 CK resources: UWorld. There's no "holy grail" book for Step 2 as First Aid was for Step 1. No matter what book you get, it will be lacking and you'll have to supplement heavily with UWorld. I liked First Aid for Step 2 CK, others like Master the Boards for Step 2. I also highly suggest Step 2 Secrets which is good to review in the few days before the exam. NBME practice exams to assess your prep.

Step 2 CS: First Aid for Step 2 CS. However long it takes for you to read through this (some people do it in a couple days, I took a week to casually read through it). Check out the sample patient note form on the USMLE website so you can get used to the format and time yourself writing a note in 10 minutes
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This is exactly what I needed, thank you very much !! I wasn't confident about my research on the forum because I couldn't find a "holy grail" book for step 2, now I see why.
I guess then, based on your post, that I still have time to pass them all.

I guess, besides Uworld testing I will maybe have to review FA/kaplan/other books, then

Thank you VERY much for your time :)
Also recomment UWorld + Step 2 Secrets. I recently just started studying, but that is the consensus with three of my friends who all scores >250 (not a large sample size, I know). Others have done better with other resources, but the key is: UWORLD, UWORLD, UWORLD.
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