Step 2 CS: My Experience

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Dec 13, 2017
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Hey guys,

I came across this forum and a lot of posts about people’s experiences after I took CS and it made me feel a lot better. A lot of people posted about things they missed and still managed to pass, and that reassured me a lot. Thought i’d share my experience with you all including good things and bad, what I did do and what I didn’t do:

1) cases were so vague, everything sounded like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism honestly. From fatigue to anemia to weight gain to weight loss to insomnia. Guys, cases are so vague and generalized. Diagnosis can be anything honestly which is frustrating.

2) there was a horrible, horrible phone case about a pt who has surgery a week ago and needed to come back for a follow up but could not due to transportation issues. Um wth? As far as I was concerned and what the whole world and internet had told me, phone cases were only peds cases!!! I was sooo stuck here, I asked what Surgery, complications, pain, etc but I had no idea what to advise besides assuring her that we can arrange transportation for her. I was so stumped when it came to the patient note. Like what in the world was I supposed to write? I was extremely confused. She had no pain or any symptoms, just her concern was transportation. I know only 10 out of 12 cases are counted so I just let it go and forgot about it

3) one pt had such an obvious symptom but I blanked out and said edema can just happen if you’re standing for prolonged periods of time when she was clearly hinting to the top ddx so I completely missed that and said something completely different and she was like uh I don’t think I have that and I’m just like *facepalm*

4) I completely missed work up on one case bc I ran out of time

5) I wrote 3 diagnosis for probably 6-7 cases and rest, only 2. I was probably off for a lot of diagnoses, I’m positive I was bc I just blanked out the whole time and had to think of a 2nd and 3rd one while writing the patient note

6) I counseled on every single case no matter what. I think this is extremely important and shows the patient you care

7) always remembered to knock, smile, introduce, shake hands, address them Mr/Mrs xyz, smiled and told them it was nice to meet them. Always made sure they were porperly draped and comfortable. Always sat more to the right of them.

8) I really had lovely patients. I laughed and joked with some. One pt was rude though, I asked her something first she said no and then she said uh I never said that. Like come on lady.

9) I used mnemonics for everything. This helped me keep a really good pace. I didn’t use it as a checklist, I use them more so as a guideline in case I forgot to ask whatever I should ask next. It kept me on track and on time. In the end, this helped me finish 3-4 minutes earlier and I got extra time for the patient note

10) my patient note was extremely thorough. I practiced for about 2 weeks nonstop practing cases on people and typing up the note. I probably did about 60 cases. (I died by the end of it). Even if there was nothing, I still wrote that ex pmhx: none; allergies: NKDA. I always used all 950 character space

11) physical exam was fine. Always did focused exams, along with heart and lungs. Always included negative findings in the patient note

That all I can remember for now. I took this back in September. Just got the results today and I passed! All in all, guys, it’s not so bad. The patients are nice and laid back and really easy going. If you know how to deal with people, you’ll be fine. Take it easy.

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