STEP 2 USMLE Australia

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Mar 21, 2017
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So I am at my wits end and was hoping for advice or even just a friendly word of encouragement.

I am MS4 with 4 months to go until graduation. I am an Australian medical student who wants to apply this matching period. American citizen.

I've taken step 1. Pass first attempt.
Gotten LORS/PD
Fulfilled STEP 2 CS alternate pathway criteria (Which ECFMG still charged me 900 USD application fee despite not administering any test)
Broke my back doing quality research with 6 pubs.
Started a non profit.

I mean the list goes on and on. Which I am preaching to the choir. This is par for the course. We all (at least most of us) grind like this to get to our goal.

My issue is that NSW state I am in has enacted extreme lockdown measures tentatively set to end ideally the middle of Novemeber.

My test date is Oct 5th.

I was going to send my application out Sept 29th despite not having the STEP 2 CK scores. (You are allowed to do).
I know not ideal but it is what it is. I was aiming for FM/IM and am not picky on location. Initally wanted EM but that market isnt looking too pretty if youve been following that debacle.

Anyways I've emailed ECFMG and they've politely told me that I have to take it at the center. So I've replied with another email in more detail outlying the current situation over here hoping they will take pity on me.

I've asked if I can take it via prometric proctoring service and I've even said I can probably organize to take it at my university with a staff member proctoring in addition to the invigilated computer.

Sooo I guess my question is. Anyone have any advice. Its so frustrating. I've done everything right. Paid all the application fees. Studied hard. And now I am being jerked around.

As an asside speaking of fees.

I did some math. Lets say on avg you spend 4-7 grand via test fees and application fees through the match. Over 4 years. Last yeat 47500 people applied. This company is grossing hundreds of millions of dollars over four years. Are we as medical students being extorted? I think we might be.


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