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Nov 4, 2005
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so i took mine 2 weeks ago. i felt a little nervous for the first case but i settled down after that. I felt like i nailed it when i left the test center, but im starting to get nervous b/c ive been hearing people failing it. I almost felt like it was too easy, which is now kinda scaring me. i always finished my encounter early. i was always done around the 5 min mark. Here is how i prepared: read FA for 3 weeks over and over. the week before my test i actually practiced the encounters in the book using my wife as the SP. I got into my own system and did them enough to where I could do it in my sleep.

heres what i did for every encounter on the real one (exactly the same every time). Spent about 2 min outside the door thinking of a couple of questions related specifically to thier problem. Knock. introduce myself and repeat thier name. Drape. sit. get history: Always asked when, where, severity, scale, previous episodes, progression, better, worse, radiation, frequency, quality, duration. changes in BM, appetite, diet,weight. any CP, SOB, N/V and whatever else i thought of that was relavant to thier CC along with all medical, social, surg history. ask permission to do physical. wash hands (hint: use hot water so your hands wont be cold). do physical. explain findings and plan. ask if they have any questions and consel. do note. always listed 5/5 ddx and work up.

Im hoping that through my practice i just became super effecient. anybody else always finish with 3-5 min to spare?

Ice dude

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Jun 10, 2008
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As far as i remember, 8/12 encounters i left the room before the 5 min bell, but didnot spend 2 minutes on the door. And i passed thank GOD!!!


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Nov 20, 2008
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pocketknife. . I really don't mean this to sound offensive but it might. . did you pass the CIS? I draped every patient, lifted all the foot rests, and never repeated painful moves or got a speculum stuck in a patient's ear. .and I failed CIS. I have to do it all over which I really really hate.
I'm beginning to think this is random.
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Feb 13, 2007
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Damn, I already sat for and passed CK, but Im not taking CS until about match day... now I wish I would have just gotten it out of the way already! It sounds like a royal pain in the ass, and I always forget little sh!t like draping the pt, telling them about each little part of the PE before I actually do it, washing my hands etc..
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