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Apr 13, 2004
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hey all!
I will be grateful if you could answer my 2 questions regarding step 3:
1. I am an IMG, starting a residency in the US on June 15th, and really want to take step 3 beforehand. The problem is that my med school provides the official MDs only at the end of May (eventhough I have a letter that confirms my eligibility for the MD since Dec. 2003). ECFMG would not certify me until it recieves the formal MD, and thus I cannot meet the requierments to register for step 3. Does any of you have a solution?
2. What is the most efficient study material for step 3? Did you read the various blueprints or just the general books such as Crush Step 3 and NMS? How about the kaplan Q-bank?
Thanks in advance!!!
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