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Jan 26, 2018
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So, my friend wishes to calculate the number of days it may take for the Step 3 result to come. He wishes to apply this year, and wants step 3 result by that time. So, if he wants the result on 4th September, which is a wednesday, which is the last date he can give his exam by?

Essentially, if I take my Step 3 ,day 2 (=ACM) on a given wednesday, my results is out on the 3rd wednesday (Counting from next week). If I take it on a Saturday, the results is out by 4th Wednesday. That was quite true for Step 1. Does that apply to Step 3, everytime?

And what about the tests taken on Thurdays, and Fridays?

Thank you for reading.

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There is an easy way that I have observed to be working.
1. Find out your last exam day
2. Count three weeks from that day (lets call that the key date)
3. The first wednsday following your key date is when you ll get the results.

However, NO, it doesnt apply to step 3 everytime. My results came back earlier. I have not seen, though, any results coming later.
Anyway as with every step examination I would suggest that you should take the test at least one month prior to the target date.
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