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Dec 4, 2013
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Moderators should stop censoring dissenting views so heavily, if at all. If there are no personal attacks being made than a poster should not be censored.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in the field deserve to here dissenting views. There are many unhappy souls in AuD programs (44% regret going to AuD program) and people deserve to hear about them.
I happen to be one and think that people have a right to know the flip side of what they are getting into. It is not all sunshine and roses (I would argue for 0% sunshine and roses).

Let the dissenters share their views.


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Dec 31, 1999
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Moderators respond to member complaints. Generally moderators do not intervene in a discussion unless requested by fellow members. Recently a certain member has been registering multiple accounts to make it appear that there are multiple people with complaints about audiology.

Open, honest and educated discussion about the positives and negatives of the AuD profession are encouraged. Audiology faces serious issues, as many of the medical professions currently. The marketplace is changing and students should be aware of the realities of their chosen profession.

Members are encouraged to share their negative experiences, but in a way that does not denigrate or irritate others. SDN members use the site to seek information on their field of choice and don't want to have their posts and threads hijacked by flood of negativity from a single individual. The individual that keeps abusing this site to promote their personal agenda is not welcome on SDN.
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