Stop Zanki and Start UWorld? Step/Level 1 Advice Needed


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Apr 23, 2016
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I am about 3.5 months from my test day. I am debating to make some big decisions heading into my board prep. Plan to write both COMLEX & USMLE Step 1 in mid-late June. If plans fall through and I fall very behind I might stick to COMLEX only.

I have pre-clinical classes until mid-April, and then clinical workshops/ACLS/OMM until end of May. I struggled in all classes so I prioritize passing classes over everything else. So ditch class and strictly do UFAPS all day doesn't apply to me. I watch lecture recordings in addition to attend tutoring to survive.

I am also about 25% done through Pathoma, 25% done through BnB, 10% through Pixorize, 100% Sketchy Micro & 50% through Sketchy Pharm. Again, wasn't able to keep up with them throughout M1-2 but hope to watch all of them by my test time.

I am planning to stop doing Zanki and start UWorld by doing ~10-20 Qs a day in March then bump it up in April. With the current classes and fluidity of our curriculum, I realistically don't think I can handle doing UWorld and Zanki w/o jeopardizing my class performance.

What advice do you have for my situation? I see myself as a below-average student evident by bottom half class rank, and bad time management. But any advice would help thank you!

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