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Sep 4, 2006
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I was wondering what kind of method people are using for RC.

I thought I would be good at reading (being an anthropology major), but RC is my lowest scoring area for me.

Do you guys use search and destroy?

What exactly is search and destroy?

Do you scan the whole passage for each question?

Please enlighten me with great methods!

Thank you.


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Jan 23, 2009
Search and Destroy is essentially skimming the passage for the answer. Read the question find a keyword then quickly look for that keyword.

I sorta combine it with Kaplan's method of a mapping it out. During the process of answering factual based questions via S&D I'd write down the paragraph # and keyword that I used. Its takes me only a few seconds. When I come across an inference question if it brings up a keyword I can quickly see what paragraph brought it up and skim it a 2nd time to try and gleam the answer from it.

I've practiced using kaplan's RC and I've typically only miss 4-5 questions. Most of which are bonehead mistakes such as not reading all the answer choices or somehow misreading the question. Based on how kaplan converts it it works out to be a 22/23. Then again I'm not sure how the ADA does the RC scores as the estimate they provide you can't get certain scores but I've seen people who post their scores and they have those scores.

Maybe Kaplan's RC are easier and giving me a false sense that I can get a perfect or only miss 1 or two(they are my goals for RC) on the real DAT. Personally I'd like to think that all those supreme court decisions(they are hideously dry and obviously legalese) I had to read years ago helped.