Study material for Step II CK

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Dec 11, 2006
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Just starting to think about Step II. Having some questions on what study material to use since there is so much out there and I tend to buy it alll and use only a few. Right now I am looking at using Crush II, First Aid step II and Boards and Wards. For questions I am going to use USMLE world. Has anyone bought the Kaplan books and found it useful? Thanks.


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Mar 31, 2003
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I was told by many that Crush was great, but I found the reading much easier in using Secrets. I used 3 main sources, secrets, First Aid, and B&W. You would be surprised how easily they overlap in many areas. That being said, I would start off with Secrets (the easiest of the 3 IMO), read a section in there, then read that section in First Aid, and then Finish up with B&W's (the most detailed). By the time I got to B&W, I knew my stuff, but it added in a few other details or misc. diseases that the other two may have left out. Do this and all of USMLE WORLD (I actually made a word document of the questions I missed in a bullet type format, culminating in a 30+ page document which I would review occassionally), and you'll do great... I am NOT a great test taker and scored 247/99 with 3 weeks of studying.


The Kaplan books are good, but they're quite lengthy, so other sources are more efficient. I also used FA and thought it was an excellent source. I preferred QBank over UW, though most prefer UW. You may want to consider adding Deja review to your list. Good luck!