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Jun 23, 2007
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I just bought a kaplan book and all it has is a lot of practice questions, which is nice but I need to know what to study. I have a whole set of princeton MCAT books, do you think tht will be sufficient? I also looked at the OPTED website and I looked at whats going to be covered. The only problem is that the Mcat books dont have information regarding biological organization and the Major taxa. How did you guys that are using mcat materials to study get past this?

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I didn't use any MCAT materials while studying for the OAT, but I can tell you that the BIG Kaplan book (the one that comes with the Kaplan course) covers taxonomy. Also, any college biology textbook would cover this.
I tend to be a perfectionist when studying for exams. I ended up going over my gen chem, organic, and biology books in the span of a month. I covered about 1000 pages of information a week.

My last week, i used the kaplan and scored fairly well on it. I didnt have time to cover physics and math.

I find the kaplan oat 2006-2007 edition a lot more difficult than the actual test. I ended up scoring a 360 on the sciences and a 340 overall (math and reading killed me). Goodluck!