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Jun 23, 2003
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I figured this would be a useful thread. So let's come up with some good **** to ask the DMs/directors at interviews. Don't forget, it's a buyer's market....they likely need you more than you need them. The grass may not be greener somewhere else, but, dammit, there is a **** ton of grass on this planet and not enough cows to chomp it down.

The Job

Length of Shifts – 8, 10, 12 hours? (If you have a 30+ minute drive, strongly consider asking for longer shifts)

How much technician help? Intern help? (If the skirt around the issue, be afraid)

While training will I receive grad intern rated pay? (Some only give you a ****ty $15/hour. Others give you a happier medium like $25-35 an hour as a grad intern)

If retail:
Script count @ location? Who is my superior - just the pharmacy manager and you (the DM)? (If they say store manager, begin cringing.)

If hospital:
Beds? Mechanism of order entry (If they say physician entry, begin to cry - in a good way)?

Take me through the typical prescription fill – which roles are the technicians, which are the pharmacists?

Do I get a lunch? If so (if not, begin to cry in a bad way), how long?

How many pharmacists are on staff -----> (which is a segway to) how often will I have to work weekends?


Offer? (They will tell you...but in the rare case they don't tel you...)

Signing bonus/Tuition debt bonus?

Vacation Time? (Should be at least three weeks. If it's two, tell them everyone else gets two....because it's true.)

Time until one receives health benefits. Now? Later? Ever?

Does (company) offer continuing education programs? Do they involve trips to warm places?

Will I be offered any Naplex prep courses/materials? Does it involve flying to warm places?


Say you need to take a job outside of your current location or where you want to move later:

What is the historical turnover at (employer) in (town you want to live in). This is a double edged sword, of course. If they say "sure!!" with enthusiasm they might be lying to you....or they are a crappy place to work. Then again, they probably won't just say "not likely." Actually, you probably won't get anything good out of asking this....

Mobility – What if I want to move in 5-10 years, how easy is it to switch regions? (Assuming they have opportunities in other regions....)

Anything else, folk?


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Mar 25, 2008
Nice list, I'll pick my brain and try to come up with a few more q's


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Oct 15, 2006
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Very nice list, you pretty much hit on everything I'd personally want to know before taking the job. :thumbup:


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Aug 25, 2004
I'm not sure if you touched on this, but I think it's good to ask about how you will be evalutated... how often do they do performance evaluations etc. That can also turn into a talk about possible bonuses etc.

Also, do they cover yearly pharmacist fees and things like that.