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    Dear all, I am a student in SUNY college of Optometry, NY. I need subjects with color deficiency for my research project (accommodation mechanisms). Below are the details about the experiment.

    $15 per hour.

    This is a great experience to participate in research to understand the factors that influence focusing of the eye.

    There will be three sessions, each session will be about 1 hour. We will measure your color vision (anomaloscope and D-15 test). We will monitor your accommodation and your pupil size with a set of instruments while you view in an optical system stable or sinusoidally moving targets using one eye. No drug will be used. There are no risks to the standard procedures.

    To participate, you should:
    l have color vision deficiency
    l have normal (or corrected to normal) visual acuity
    l wear your contact lenses (if you have any prescription) when you sit for the experiments
    l be 15 to 35 years of age
    l be free of ocular diseases

    To arrange for a time to sit for the experiments, please contact:
    [email protected]

    Thanks a lot!:)

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