Submitting AACOMAS Without Physician LOR

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Jul 28, 2020
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I currently have 4 professor/PI LORs uploaded to AACOMAS, but I don't have any physician letter yet (I'm still working on finding one). I want to submit my primary app, but I know that we can't assign LORs for each school. There are a few schools I wanted to apply to that require a physician letter, but I'm wondering if I should submit now to all schools or add those few schools after I get a physician LOR? I'm afraid they will review my letters and automatically reject me for not having one yet, but I do wanna submit my primary soon. I'm unsure if schools review LORs before or after secondaries are received.

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There is no harm in waiting a few weeks to see if you can get a physician letter. The DO schools that do not require one likely would still like to see one (particularly if it is a DO letter).
I would wait on submitting your app until you have a physician letter!
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