Submitting secondaries before AMCAS gets verified?


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Jan 8, 2006
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kelpy said:
Most schools that I applied do not screen applicants and you can fill out the secondary app online as long as you have submitted the AMCAS app. Does it make sense to submit the secondary before AMCAS is verified? Also, i heard that if you do not submit the secondary within three weeks to most schools, they think that you have lost interest. It already has been three weeks since I submitted my AMCAS but I was waiting for verification in order to submit the secondary. Will schools think that I lost interest?

i have the same question..hopefully someone will answer it. also, for the course grade in secondary, should i put the transcript grade or the amcas grade?


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Sep 28, 2005
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I went ahead and sent my secondaries anyway, because who knows how long AMCAS will take. :-( Gives you some time for mental freedom at least!

And admin-wise, they should have put in BIG BOLD LETTERS not to submit before AMCAS is verified multiple times (like they do the original signature part) if it was going to be anything serious.

Anyway, the AMCAS leeway gives me LOR leeway. Glass half full all the time. :)
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