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I did HORRIBLE on Step 1. Passed by the skin of my teeth -- got a 184. I normally don't do well on standardized exams, so I didn't expect a stellar score but I definitely didn't think I'd do that bad either (had a lot of distractions during studying time so that kinda contributed to the poor score as well). Anyway, I'm interested in IM, Peds, and OB/GYN right now. Do I have a shot at any of these or am I destined to become a family doc out in Kansas or something?

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May 5, 2002
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You have a shot at any of those fields if you are an american graduate. All of those fields currently accept a large percentage (internal is almost 40%) of foreign medical graduates, and most programs with foreign medical graduates would prefer american graduates (they get more in medicare money to train american grads and it makes them look more prestigious). So you might not get internal at Harvard, but the community programs and a lot of the university programs will still be open to you. Also remember that programs tend to rank third yr grades higher then your board scores, and if you do an audition rotation that might help too. Keep your chin up!
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