May 17, 2013
So I have been a lurker here since this past summer and have learned a lot from all of you. I have one semester of college left before graduation and have a current ogpa of 3.1 (not good, I know) with an upward trend (this past semester I received a 3.8 term gpa). My goal is to go to dental school but I didn't bother applying last summer because I was well aware I was not a competitive applicant. I am taking the DAT on Feb 1st and right now my goal is to get a masters and do really well to show I can handle the higher level coursework and all that. I have researched a few programs including BU's oral health track, UMDNJ MBS, Midwestern MA? i forget, and a few others that my professors have suggested to me. Ideally I would like to be done with a program after 1 year but I would still have a gap year so I am open to a 2 year program. Are there any other programs that I should consider? Have any of you completed or been accepted to these programs and have any wisdom you would like to share? Thanks for any help.


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Feb 13, 2009
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If you would like a cheaper option, consider going to Mississippi College 1 year Masters in Medical Sciences program. It is very intense, but if you do well your chances of getting into dental school are very high. They accept students in during the Fall and spring. If you have any questions let me know, I just finished the program and am seeing great results. Good luck!