suggestions for peds residency programs, what am i competitive for

Sep 12, 2015
Medical Student
Hi! I am finalizing my pediatric residency program list which at this moment is very large because I have a lot of doubt with my Step 1 score.

I am a DO student. Worked in a pediatric ER for 2 years prior to med school.
Step 1 score: 214 (my most limiting factor)
Step 2 score: 258
COMLEX 1: 614
COMLEX 2: 653
Some undergrad research, but no publications
A few leadership positions
Good comments from my 3rd year rotations, but we only have pass/fail
~45% in the class

I really would like to be at a free standing children's hospital. Geographically I would prefer to be in the lower Midwest/Ohio River Valley/South/Southeast, but I am open to any program as long as it will train me to become a fantastic pediatrician. What programs would you consider me competitive for since I am a DO student and my Step 1 score is below average? Will programs consider my much improved Step 2 scores and good COMLEX scores, or by nature of a "step 1 cutoff" will I not get in the door at bigger programs?


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Jul 6, 2006
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CHKD (aka Eastern Virginia Medical School). We have a couple DO students per year and are the only free standing children's hospital in Virginia.