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Oct 14, 2006
    ok so I sent in my online application to SUNY on feb 28th and i received an email from Dr. Johnston telling me that it's late in the interview process and that they have "relatively few seats available" and that if I were to interview it would have to be before mid-March. He told me if I was interested in interviewing to call a number and arrange a time. So I'm just curious what this means. Did they even look at my application and then decide? I've been reading online here that the class is already full? So am I just interviewing for the waitlist or something? I'm not sure what to do here because I live in BC, Canada and I'm trying to figure out what would be best in this situation. If anyone can offer any advice or insight that would be great. And yes I know I applied late, I kind of switched my future career goals last minute, wrote the OAT in feb. 370 TS 350 AA, 3.29 cGPA, 2.9 science pre-req (crap), 3.6 (last 60 credits).

    Thanks to all that reply.


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    Jan 14, 2006
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      It's almost the end of SUNY's rolling admission cycle, and you just applied to one of the most competitive optometry schools - your chance is slim. You have some decent scores but not good enough to make SUNY jump out of their seats. And I don't know what you have for extracurricular or optometry experience, because those scores alone won't get you in.

      The admissions office told me last month that the seats were over 70% filled. They are in fact, waiting for accepted applicants to withdraw so those in the wait list can take the seat. Your best chance now is to make the interview and impress them with whatever you've got. Hopefully SUNY is not your only choice because there are also other fine optometry schools in the region.
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