Nov 18, 2009
Does anyone have anything to say about this premed post bacc program? From my searches it seems like it has received good but not great reviews. However they are all fairly old reviews. I live about 20 minutes north so it's not a bad commute but much better than a commute to the city would be and the cost is good. I know it is more known for the performing arts but was wondering about the strength of the sciences (obviously). Would attending this program be fine or would it hinder my application as opposed to attending other programs in the NYC area? I was simply going to head there but after talking to several students in my CC classes, I found that they are concurrently attending Purchase and the CC and seem to be doing well in the Purchase classes but struggling with the CC classes. This concerned me so I decided to ask here. (Just to note, they are taking physics and orgo at the CC and bio classes at Purchase)

I've already taken chem I/II, A&P I/II, physics I/II and cell bio between my 4 year college and WCC. I would be looking to take bio I/II over the summer followed by orgo I/microbio then orgo II/biochem. Maybe some other upper levels as well if anyone can comment. I've also been told that there are plenty of research opportunities which is another plus as I have not done any research yet. The committee LOR is another plus as I don’t have any great academic LOR’s yet (other than from 1 psych professor).

Any feedback on this program would be greatly appreciated.