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Sep 6, 2015
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SDN will randomly select one member who posts here to receive a FREE 90-day subscription for the Surgery shelf exam - with over 400 dedicated Surgery questions!

ExamGuru is a unique question bank focused preparing third year medical students for the shelf exams.

Our team of over 30 physician authors and editors worked tirelessly to create questions that closely resemble the shelf exams' questions with explanations that go in depth in order to teach everything that might show up.

Why use ExamGuru to prepare for your shelf exams?

  • It’s a shelf exam dedicated question bank. The questions resemble closely the format, length, and topics of the actual shelf exam questions. The question bank is kept limited to the highest-yield material.
  • The questions are reviewed strictly before being published. Each question is prepared by a physician author, then reviewed by a physician editor and finally sent to a professional copy editor.

  • The interface resembles the actual exam interface.

  • You can use it anywhere. You can access the question bank from your mobile browser or native iPhone or Android apps.

  • You don’t have to install anything - you just need internet access.

  • It’s a large question bank. ExamGuru offers 350-410 questions for each rotation.

  • The questions are updated daily based off of feedback.

  • There are no unnecessary details in the questions and the explanations. You'll get thorough but concise information.

  • You can track your progress. Your personal dashboard and a number of tools allow you to measure your progress on a granular level.
  • You’ll receive replies to all of your question/explanation comments and feedback.
Some of the features you get with your subscription:


See how you compare nationally by seeing your average vs. your peers’ on questions you’ve answered

Compare how often you are changing answers from wrong to right, right to wrong, and wrong to wrong for each exam and each question

See what percentage of your peers chose each option

Guessed Question Tracker
Keep track of questions that you’ve marked as “guessed” and see how often you’re guessing correctly.

Various question types
Build a test from any combination of question types: New only, New and Incorrect, Incorrect only, Questions Marked for Review

Mark questions
Mark any questions for later review and to create future exams with these questions. Marked questions dashboards tracks various metrics on these questions

Add and review notes
Take notes and filter them later to review before your exam

Comment on a question or explanation and our physician editors will review your comment and reply if a response is needed.

Timed mode
Create exams in timed mode to keep track of how much time you’re taking on each question and on average compared to the national average and the goal of 72 seconds/question

Tutor mode
See thorough explanations immediately after you commit to an answer for each question

Untimed mode
Work on test-taking strategy rather than time management

Dimension I and II categorization
Choose from two types of categories when creating an exam. For example, you can choose to do only Cardiology management questions.

Resettable score
Reset your resettable score to keep track of your performance after a reset.

Graphical representation of performance
See how you’re doing compared to your peers through graphs and line charts on dimension I, dimension II, and overall!

Countdown until exam
Enter your exam date for a countdown of days until your exam

Outstanding Quality
Only 2 in 100 applicants to author questions are hired to write questions. Questions are reviewed by a fellow physician, administrator, and copy editor before they hit your account!

Daily updates
Authors and editors are updating the database on a daily basis so that you get the most recent styles and content that are being tested

Digging deeper
Detailed rationales for right answers as well as explanations to go over when to choose the distractors

Take home message
One to three sentences at the end of each explanation to drive home the point

Exam size flexibility
Create exams with anywhere from 1 to 400 questions

iPhone and Android native apps
Mobile responsive platform

Outstanding Customer Service Every Day
We know how stressful of a time it is for you and are here to answer your questions 7 days a week, 365 days a year

We're hearing great things... here is one subscriber's experience:

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