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Feb 22, 2005
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I know of and but are there any other sites to watch surgery videos?
Wow, just watched the colectomy videos and they are terrible.

Then I searched "laparoscopic right hemicolectomy" on Youtube, thinking the simplest of laparoscopic colorectal surgeries would have some good videos, and those are terrible, too. Then I went to SCORE, where once again the videos are generally bad. Went to SAGES website.....not much better and generally cumbersome.

I made a bunch of videos for my residents when I started practice, and put it on their share drive. I also have access to the ASCRS website, which has a bunch of great videos from old annual meetings. There should be a library available through a reliable source that is easily searched, etc. for trainees. I know there are several young entrepreneurs developing for-profit sites currently.

Like the OP, I am interested in any free and reliable websites with surgical videos.
Apr 15, 2015
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For lap cases the best I have found is

Free to create an account and majority of the videos are free, unless they have the tag "HD"